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ohh these were from this great little noodle place in a side street on Nanjing Road (sorry I don’t remember the restaurant name or location…)!

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this was from a pretty good japanese restaurant called watami! it was in one of the big malls (super brand? i think)… 

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typical lunch provided by the school (we get meal tickets and we basically just pick whatever we want and put it on a tray), my rice bowl is not in the pic though because i was a slob and ate some rice already before i remembered to take the pic (actually that’s a pic of my colleague’s tray because I didn’t remember to take a pic until i was already halfway done). 
on the last day the noodle lady gave me extra noodles! :]

  • Question: If you're in Shanghai, are you able to tell me what the weather is like? I'm going there next week and I have no idea what kind of clothes to pack. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    oh lol I’m not in shanghai anymore, I’ve just been wayyy behind on updating my blog. you can look up the weather on

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so there’s a restaurant called Charmin (I think? like the toilet paper brand…) they take all the westerners to because a) it has a nice view of the river and puxi and b) it has western food 
the food was alright but i would have preferred real asian food honestly…


batman mochi rice cakes!!

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Okay I’m too lazy to write any more entries so this is now just gonna be a photo blog…


uh okay so i didn’t manage to catch up my blog because on the second to last day (yes i know how typical) when i was preparing to type my ass off, the wifi in my uncle’s apartment just blinked off and i couldn’t get on tumblr (or any website for that matter) anymore (honest! i swear). 

but i guess i can just keep randomly updating this blog with pictures and stuff so my trip will be remembered for all posterity

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whoops i forgot to upload my photo of the korean hotpot thing to accompany the long report i wrote on my terrible day
also here are some more photos from that long ago hotpot date I had with grace and samson! the aprons were pretty useful…but I made my sauce too salty :<


Okay so unfortunately my vpn isn’t working anymore, so for those who kindly left me messages on Facebook, I’m sorry I can’t reply! *

And now that I’ve finally given up on all hope of communicating with the outside world (okay not really but still ;_;), here’s another entry about my adventures in Shanghai!

So sometimes when my aunt feels tired/comes home from work late, we go out to eat instead of cooking dinner at home. On one of those days, we decided to go to this Korean place because my little cousin really wanted to eat Korean rice cakes. To get to the Korean restaurant though, we had to call a taxi. And thus began a series of unfortunate events.

We set off from home with the intent to flag down a taxi, but there were like no taxis within a hundred miles of our vicinity so we walked a little more (and almost killed ourselves crossing the road a couple of times) until we got to a big intersection. There’s bound to be a ton of taxis driving along here (we thought) so we stopped and waited. Lo and behold, there were taxis! Except they were all already full. So we waited some more while being eaten aliveee by mosquitoesss until an empty cab finally pulled up god bless

The taxi ride was nice and cool and since it hadn’t rained in a long time the cab was pretty clean. So everything was great until I noticed something weird about our cab driver…

Okay well I might have taken a few creative liberties—I wasn’t actually wearing a seatbelt (hey I’m a law-abiding citizen but there was no buckle!). Otherwise my story is 100% reaalllll!!!!

But after we got out of the taxi, we got to the Korean restaurant and saw that it was full up, so we waited like 20 minutes for a table. Then when we finally got seated, our silverware wasn’t very clean. And then when we finally got our food, there was a little caterpillar in it :(

So we waited a little longer for them to remake our food (you could see through to the kitchen so I made sure they dumped our food out instead of just picking out the bug and giving it back). As consolation, they added more toppings and stuff to our rice cake hot pot thing which sounds kinda great but it’s not because it didn’t really taste that great to begin with. 10/10 would not go back there again. 

And that’s it for my terrible day. But all in all it wasn’t that bad I guess…